Holla Arsene Wenger: See some of his funny moments

Holla Arsene Wenger: See some of his funny moments

Iyene Etim

Yippee! Arsene Wenger is 65 and the French tactician whose name resembles his club, Arsenal, is arguably the most revered and hated coach especially by his own fans, ever.

He started his career in 1983, moved to Arsenal in 1996 and despite the trophy drought between 2005 and 2014, hugely due to lack of big signings and sales of senior team members, Wenger  has won 3 Premier league titles  and takes all the credits for everything Arsenal, policy, tactics, style of play and stadium. We love and respect Wenger but we don’t mind picking on him on his birthday. Here are some fun stuff about the manager.

He loves wearing extremely large coats

Okay, thats a bit of an exxaggeration but we think it’s due to his obssession for zippers.

He speaks to worms

Wenger quickly turns to the dust when he is  frustrated and sometimes the  Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, who has a huge crush on him.

Mourinho is always obsessively talking about the Frenchman to the media, but who can blame him, Wenger is a model.

He is fun too, he doesn’t mind signing helmets.

Did I mention he deserves every penny he earns?

Arsene Wenger holds a degree in Economics from Strasbourg University perharps that is why he will not splash money even to get Messi

No jokes. An Asteroid is named after Wenger.

Hope this got you laughing.

Happy Birthday Wenger.

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