Are you in a sexless marriage? Here are 6 tips to help get back on the horse

Are you in a sexless marriage? Here are 6 tips to help get back on the horse

Mfonobong Akpan

Sex is an important element in marriage, but in most cases dwindles with the passing of time. Some couples just naturally grow out of it while in other cases one party is usually the uninterested one while the other quietly wallows in the misery of a sexless marriage. The stress of everyday life is one common factor that often leads most couples away from the burning embers of passion. It’s worthy of note though that every couple determines if their relationship is sexless or not. And most times you don’t need a counsellor to help you out, you can be your own counsellor. Here are a few tips to help you bring back the passion in your marriage.

Talk about it

Couples have to first have to agree that they are in a sexless marriage, so both are then it’s easier to talk about, proffer solutions, and work together to make it work again without trading blame.

Make your spouse your priority
Keep your spouse as important as they were while dating; children and other issues are secondary. Create a ritual just for the both of you where you engage in all the unique activities you both loved before getting immersed in family life. These rituals could be as simple as brushing or taking baths together to going on a romantic dinner date/ get away.

Most couples after saying “I do” automatically switch from sexy and flirtatious to boring and cranky. Don’t stop! Bring back your sexy and fun side. Send romantic messages in the morning to tell your spouse how lucky you are to have them, though they are lying by your side; play your song and dance together; tell your spouse how much you love them every chance you get.

Stay groomed

Women are more guilty, marriage isn’t your ticket to be a lazy dresser or leave your hair and face unattended to. Yes, he is your husband and loves you, no doubt, but he’s a man. I don’t know how many women find fat slobby men attractive. Bottom line, take care of yourself and stay attractive for your partner, surprise them and watch the spark return.

Try new tricks

Try out new things, you might just be bored with the same old routine.Be willing to make some changes.

Take The Load Off

Help each other around the house with chores and running errands, this would go a long way to show that you care and also take the stress off. Then you could possibly think of getting kinky.

It’s never too late to reignite the passion in your relationship, it only requires patience and a lot of TLC.

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