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#BaeIsNotBae: How far must Bae go for love?

#BaeIsNotBae: How far must Bae go for love?

Yvonne Williams

So yeah, once again love is in the air and #BaeIsNotBae has taken over Twitter with downright hilarious tweets!

So it all comes down to this question – “How far must Bae go for love?”, I mean really, does an individual always have to take it all in just to prove his/ her love for another? What happens when Bae decides to gum his lazy butt all day at home without making effort to achieve set goals and become the Bae every girl dreams of – Confident, ambitious and of course rich. So does leaving Bae and his myopic view of life make me an unfaithful and vain Bae?

See what Nigerians are saying about Bae:

So guys, when is Bae not Bae to you? lol

Image Source: www.ericrobersonmusic.com