8 Dating Red Flags You Must Not Ignore

8 Dating Red Flags You Must Not Ignore

Mfonobong Akpan

When you meet a person for the first time, you may not be able to tell what type of person they are, but there are a few obvious signs that can tell you that nice guy or lady you just met isn’t someone you want to to go the extra mile with. So to ensure you’re not dating someone who’s a complete nut or simply just not your cup of tea pay attention to these signs.

Pays little attention to their appearance.

When you’re seeing someone new, you would always want to look your best and you expect that that other person would do likewise, but  if you start to notice that your date doesn’t put the least bit of effort into their appearance, then that’s a huge red flag – I’m talking about hygiene – your date is very likely to treat you just like they treat themselves.


This red flag you can’t help but notice. If he/she goes off on an almost innocent passerby or speaks to the help in a demeaning manner, you should be concerned. It shows that your date has little or no regard for people “below them”. It’s probably only a matter of time before they turn on.

Too focused on self

There are people who when out with others,even a date, don’t even remember to ask how you are or how your day went. They are totally focused on talking about themselves and how great they are, almost like they trying too hard to sell themselves to you. They forget that there is another human being across from them.

Tell it all

Some people feel the need to share the most intimate details of their lives with you to feel like they’re making a connection. Sharing too much too soon, however, is not healthy dating behavior. It’s a put off; too much information.

Hung on the past

Everybody has issues they haven’t dealt with or that they’re still working through, but talking about the ex on the first date is acceptable only if it’s limited to about a minute or two of the conversation. Ergo, if you find yourself out on a date with someone who can’t stop yapping about their ex, then it’s an obvious sign that they’re still not over the ex. The person you’re dating may either be looking for a rebound relationship or they just want someone to complain to.

People whose lives are way too interesting to be real

If you’re out on a date with someone who obviously seems average to you, but claim they live the fast life; knows every notable person in town, with achievements that sound mediocre. Chances are you’re on a date with someone who’s a pathological liar that’s trying hard to make his/her life seem more interesting or you’re dating someone who’s downright delusional. Run!

The damsel/don in distress

When your date you just met begins by telling you about their problems and asking you for money. This is worth paying attention to.

Play the victim

They talk about how the world is against them, there’s a reason for it (most likely, that they aren’t taking responsibility for the things that are happening in their life). Taking responsibility is a sign of maturity which is key to building a relationship.

It’s worthy of note that these red flags may just be a one time thing, and probably not a reflection of the person’s character. Do you have any red flags you would like to share with us? Please do.

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