Birthday Shout! Top Eight Miley Cyrus’ Weirdest Moments ever!!!

Yvonne Williams

From an innocent Disney lad to an untamed showstopper Miley Cyrus is every inch your good girl gone bad with no apologies whatsoever!  From the most outrageous costumes to the most provocative dance steps, this big time screen magnet is your go to girl when it comes to an interesting read.

As the twenty three year old American singer, songwriter and actress marks her birthday today November 23, we cast the cameras back as we dig out top eight weirdest Miley Cyrus moments:

Twerking: Finger rubbing between her thighs, butt shaking …the crowd goes insane and we’ve got Miley’s ass shaking and grinding on Robin Thicke’s crotch during her performance at the VMAs to thank!

Wrecking Ball: Miley’ stripped herself of every shred of Hannah Montana innocence when she released the controversial video for ‘Wrecking Ball ‘ appearing fully nude in her first risque video! Boobs hanging out, side butt and all, it was indeed a sad day for Disney lovers over the world. Wrecking ball caused a huge wreck in many hearts, no doubt.

Weird costumes: Think of Miley and the most outrageous costumes come to mind ; she’s not your regular wannabe who hides beneath the cameras taunting “pure souls” with feigned boldness, this diva holds her own and stands by it; whether in front of a crowd during live performances or gracing red carpets and all, you can be sure of one thing – with Miley, statements must be made!

Bangerz tour 2014: Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour kicks off on Valentine’s Day with twerking in Vancouver. Performing in front of a crowd of about 15,000 at Rogers Arena, Miley Cyrus just doesn’t stop keeping the heat coming; from twerking on top of a car with her ass in the air, she turns around, legs wide and touches herself intimately in the front too!  Apparently not done, she reportedly gave stimulating oral sex to her back up dancer decked like Bill Clinton (a depiction of the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal occurred in 1998) Yikes!

Nikki Minaj and Miley Cyrus Beef: Following Miley Cyrus’s not so subtle outburst, things upped a zillion notch and got real with a capital R at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards! Nikki decided a little payback was sweeter in front of a live audience- she called her a “bitch” live onstage in front of everyone and headlines started screaming with gusto!

“And now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley, what’s good?” Minaj snarled. She mouthed: “Don’t play with me, bitch!”.

But Miley somewhat taken aback managed to play cool  just like a pro, responding with a simple “Hey, we are all in this industry and we all do interviews and say s–t,” the VMAs host, 22, said across the stage. “Nicki, congratuf-klations.”

Surprise! Miley’s got a singing vigina!!! 

When it comes to Miley, the word shocking doesn’t even exist! During her performance at the Philips Arena in Atlanta the singer treated the live audience to a delicious view as she laid on her back on the hood of a car with her crotch to the audience sank into the performance, but that wasn’t what got the audience talking.

The 21-year-old then stuck her right leg straight in the air and held her microphone to her vagina, which was barely covered  and let the instruments play like her vagina was singing.- Epic!

The Cake: When you’ve got a girlfriend like Miley you expect nothing conservative! For Liam Hemsworth’s birthday in January 2012, Miley got him a vulgar cake (ewww).

Miley fully nude: Miley Cyrus poses fully nude in the behind-the-scenes photo above from back in August when she was the host of the MTV VMA’s.

She appears to be sitting naked in this chair waiting for her makeup artist to come over and cover up all of the herpes scars, bruises, and genital warts on and around her beat up lady lips with Maybelline’s new crotch revitalizing foundation.

(Eyes closed…) lol


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