6 Gifts NOT To Get Bae This Christmas

6 Gifts NOT To Get Bae This Christmas

Mfonobong Akpan

As Christmas draws closer you might still be trying to figure out what gift to get your partner if you haven’t yet. Well I’m not going to tell you what to get, but what not to. Below are my top 6 gifts to stay away from so you aren’t alone on the 26th.
Cleaning supplies

No woman, except she’s just crazy about cleaning, would appreciate receiving cleaning gears for Christmas. Even if you know that the woman you are dating or married to loves to chores, cleaning supplies are not great gifts for anyone as they are impersonal. Besides who wants to spend the holidays cleaning when they should kick back and have fun.
Prepackaged Gifts

She’s expecting you to bring your A-game, so don’t show up with a prepackaged gift or hamper from the supermarket or office giveaway. That’s so wrong. Better still create a personalised basket from scratch by handpicking each item based on her favourite things.
Gifts That Are Really for You

Don’t get her a gift you know is more for you than for her, say a ticket to see your favourite team play, a movie or play station. Just because she may show some kind of interest in these activities doesn’t mean she wants a T-shirt with Arsenal written on it.
Cooking Supplies

Why would you go and do this? It’s Christmas and by implication you are saying, “Make me some really good food”. She’s not going to jump for joy. She’s probably been on her feet all year making meals for you and the family, so why don’t you serenade her with a romantic eat out or take the reins for a change and be the chef.
Stuffed animals

A stuffed animal may seem like a cute idea but it sure isn’t the best. Though women appreciate it on certain holidays, like valentine, it just won’t cut it as the main gift attraction at Christmas.

Showing up without a gift is really not something you want to do. This look  in the picture above is what you are going to get. It says, “seriously? you show up at my door with no gift promising to make it up! When exactly babe? the year has ended!”. Bro, you’ve had all year to plan for this special gift, don’t mess it up. Think out of the box, wow her and you would be glad you did. lol…

Basically I’m just saying, get your partner a gift that shows you put a lot of effort into, and says “I appreciate your sticking with me through the year 2015”.

What’s your perfect Christmas gift?

Happy holidays!

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