4 Reasons why people break it off during the holidays

4 Reasons why people break it off during the holidays

Mfonobong Akpan

Ever wondered why people especially guys tend to call it quits with their partners right before major holidays and seasons like Christmas and Valentine’s day? It’s Christmas in a couple and weeks and Valentine is just around the corner, fact is, many would join the singles market once again. Here are a few reasons why breakups are probably on the rise at these periods.

Putting it off

Maybe things haven’t been going so well in the relationship and he/she has been waiting for the right time postponing the inevitable – ending the relationship. Holidays have a way of magnifying what’s already on the mind, it has the effect of making you take stock, then you conclude it has to be “now” – even though it couldn’t be a more horrible time.

Doesn’t want Family to meet you

Most holidays, especially end-of-the-year, take many home. Perhaps some people realise their significant other is not going to stand the sands of time, so instead of having to answer the question, “What about Bola/Charles?” the next year, they would rather you didn’t meet their families at all.

Doesn’t want to get you a gift

This is ridiculous but a pretty darn good reason. They realise that they would need to put in a lot of thought into getting you a gift that says in essence that he/she cares deeply, but since this isn’t the case, they break-up just before that time comes.

A new year,  a new bae

Like I stated earlier, the year rolling to an end and a new year in view makes many take stock of their lives. They decide what and who they want in their lives in the new year, and if you don’t meet the cut, why waste more energy and time?, They think… So don’t be surprised if he/she takes the changing of the calendar as a chance to start fresh by changing their relationship status.

These reasons, as ridiculous as they may seem, are really not the crux of the issue. The better question is – “Just how long have they been thinking about breaking up with you?”

Have you broken up with someone around the holidays? What was/were your reason(s)?

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