5  Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from Bleaching!

5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from Bleaching!

Yvonne Williams

Enviable flawless, smooth and an even skin tone? Yes please! We all love to be that irresistible stunner who’s got longing gazes accompanying their every step and that’s okay, but when we slowly start plying extreme lengths to achieve beauty, it becomes a major problem. ‘Black is beautiful! Black is beautiful!! Black is beautiful!!!’ Funny, how this resounds in many tongues, yet just a few hearts!

Many thanks to societal perception of equating fairness to idealized beauty, many have gone overboard applying skin whitening products containing dangerous chemicals to their skin to become fair. This results in reduction of melanin production which automatically exposes the skin  to sun damage and other severe complications which can be immediate or prolonged, depending on the severity of the effect.

Today we take a look at skin whitening (bleaching) and a few harmful effects.

Consequences of bleaching:

Skin cancer, Liver and kidney damage-  Skin bleaching creams normally contain two harmful chemicals; hydroquinone and mercury. Although effective in the prevention of melanin production which results in a lighter skin tone, it results in far more deadly consequences, such as internal damage.

Thinning of the skin-  Yes you want to tone up a bit, so you drown yourself with skin lightening products but you don’t realise they have strong topical steroids. These steroids contained in the skin lightening product is considered harmful for long term use and most likely results in thinness of skin as the skin loses collagen and elastin.

Impaired Healing- The skin’s ability to heal might be impaired and as a result when an injury or rash is gotten, your healing rate is pretty slow.

Acne, dermatitis and eczema- Bleaching products have been found to result in a variety of skin diseases, in fact, hydroquinone is said to result in worsening some skin diseases.

Severe birth defects- Mercury in its gaseous form can create dioxins. Dioxins in turn cause reproductive and developmental problems; cancer, birth defects, miscarriage, infertility and so much more.

Asthma- Exposure to chemicals has been found to be responsible for a certain percentage of Asthma. Individuals whose asthma attack is often triggered by strong odours are advised to stay away from bleaching products.

Still considering becoming a Barbie doll? Lol, just in case, here are a few natural options you could try.

Get your groove on Au naturel!

Diet – To get that flawless skin you’ve been dying for, ensure you stick to healthy and nutritious meals, you’ll be shocked, it will work wonders!

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! – To have that glow you so desire, try and invest in quality cleansers and products, this will eliminate dead skin cells, leaving your skin with an enviable glow.

Water – This is health tip 101! Drink lots and lots of water!!! This will help prevent dehydration, get rid of blemishes plus, you also get a radiant, healthy, younger looking complexion! How cool right?

Get your fabulousness on!



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