Want to know what January holds for you? Check your horoscope for January

Want to know what January holds for you? Check your horoscope for January

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Curiosity might have killed the cat but the world’s greatest innovations were borne out of curiosity. We all know sign and astrology readings aren’t exactly accurate a hundred percent of the time but our curiosity gets the better of us and we want to know what the future holds just for the heck of it. Well if you are into astrology and horoscopes then this post is for you. Ever wondered what your star sign predicts for you this month? Check out the Horoscope readings for the month of January

Aries January Horoscope 2016 March 21 – April 20: An important project that you started a couple of months ago should come to completion this month. Everything will work out in your favor. You will be rewarded for being patient, although it’s not been easy, you will see that everything happens in its own time and you will be happy that you are finally getting the break that you deserve. You can look back over the past couple of months and see how much you have learned. You are wiser now and you should be ready to begin this New Year of 2016 with an attitude of luck and prosperity. The Full Moon can be quite a romantic time indeed! Plan something special!

The Taurus January 2016 Horoscope April 21 – May 21: Dear Taurus, in January 2016 you will think about things long and hard before you act, you will most likely delay making an important decision until the end of the month when you will act decisively and make an important choice which you will stand by. You will not want to accept unfairness, either to yourself or towards someone that matters to you, and you will fight hard for a fair outcome. This shows that you may end up stirring up quite a hornets’ nest in your quest for a just outcome, and the effects may create ripples far wider than you expected. Bear in mind before you embark on any mission/campaign or protest that there will be a backlash – make sure you are in a position to deal with it and that the end result will be worth it.

Gemini January Horoscope 2016 May 22 – June 21: The New Moon in Capricorn will motivate and stimulate you to get ahead in just about every area of your life. If you have been feeling cranky, tired, and just plain lazy… enjoy this low key energy for just a little while longer. You will begin to feel like you want to get everything completed and start some new projects that you know will make you happy.

Cancer January Horoscope for 2016 June 22 – July 22: Children may play a big part in your life this month. If you have children, issues to do with their schooling, welfare and the structure of their life will have to be organized. January 2016 is a month of hands-on parenting and not a laissez faire approach, you will have to take control and make some decisions. From January 20 until the end of the month January is not a good time for speculating and gambling in any way with money. The January 2016 Horoscope for Cancer zodiac sign also evidence that in any creative or artistic activity, you need to concentrate on skills and equipment, any frustration or lack of confidence is more to do with getting better materials or fine tuning techniques and so concentrate on those elements. Even if you consider yourself an expert, it is never a bad thing to brush up on basics or indeed learn some advanced tricks of the trade.

Leo January Horoscope for 2016 July 23 – August 23: Discussions within business partnerships and also in situations where you work with your spouse should also happen pre the 6th as thereafter it will be harder to reach understandings and have constructive conversations. Attention to detail is very important in January 2016, you must look at fine print and be more pedantic about the finer points. As they say, take care of the pennies, and the pounds look after themselves, that is the motto this month – make sure you know the details, and do not delegate out smaller jobs as the key or solution to a problem may lie in something small you have overlooked rather than something big.

Virgo January Horoscope for 2016 August 24 – September 22: You need to be more concerned about what you can see rather than what you cannot see. It is not the unknown or the secret enemies that can create obstacles for you this month, but something right under your nose, something so mundane that you could fall over it and not notice. The lesson is not to take anything in your everyday life for granted – pay attention to these things, and you will be close to avoiding problems this month. January 2016 is in many ways a lucky month for Virgo; unexpected pleasant surprises and developments can break up the routine and create opportunity for enjoyment, advancement and learning.

The Libra January 2016 horoscope September 23 – October 22: shows that taking stock of finances this month is important for finances sake, it should not lead you to equate yourself with what you earn. We make money; we are not made of money. Money should not define our self-worth. January 2016 is a month of dealing with practical things and getting your head back into work after the holidays. It is best to take the month as it comes and not plan anything too challenging or mentally draining as slow and steady rather than all guns blazing is the key phrase. The Libra January 2016 horoscope also shows that you should not look to others or to the world for some sort of validation as it may not be forthcoming, or it may not even be helpful. At the end of the day, it is what you think about you which counts, it is your life to live and as the song goes, “one life and there’s no return and no deposit.” Do not compare yourself to others or make choices you hope will please others.

The Scorpio January 2016 horoscope October 23 – November 21: shows that it is a very busy month, but your memory is excellent and so your ability to observe and retain relevant fact and figures is enhanced. You can get more done in January 2016 if you work in solitude. Things are likely to be very hectic at home with relatives popping in or staying, and so if you do work from home you may want to head to a library or a friend’s house for some peace and quiet so that you can get some quality work done and can concentrate properly. If you go out to work, you may decide to stay longer at work to avoid the hubbub at home. It is not only holding your tongue but learning when to stay quiet – jumping in and saying something that either reveals too much or allowing something to slip out can lead to some embarrassment. Think before you speak, and remember that the less said about some things, the better.

The Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope November 22 – December 21: shows that complacency and the tendency to assume things is your biggest problem this January. You must carefully make lists and tick things off, try and be systematic and not haphazard about the way you go about things. Not thinking things through and being too hasty to act can lead to a dilemma later on. The thing is, you are changing your mind quite quickly and so what looked like a good idea two days ago may take on an entirely new perspective – it is thus not a good time for major decisions as information is coming at you from different angles and situations are in flux. The Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope also shows that you can be very sensitive to the opinions of others, and they may influence you in two ways: you may do the exact opposite of what they said just to show that you have a mind of your own, or you may be subconsciously influenced by what they have said, even if what they have said has no constructive value. Either way, their opinions may force you into acting when you should hold back and let things settle before you decide what to do.

The Capricon January 2016 Horoscope December 22 – January 20: This year starts off with so much going on in your sign that you may need to strap yourself in ‘cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. The big themes at play here have to do with identity and relating. How you experience your individuality—and how it works out in your innermost circle, your community, and the world at large—is demanding your attention. There are likely to be some confrontations boiling between you and others, but be careful what you say because you can’t take it back. Stand your ground instead of emotionally defending your positions, or you may find yourself in a war for points instead of an exchange of perspectives. If you don’t believe that things can be resolved by talking them out, then you’d better come up with a strategy because repressing your emotions is unrealistic, especially from the 20th through February 2nd. Meditation or exercise will help you to work through what you want to get off your chest versus what needs to be said. Follow through with your work commitments, and be very thoughtful before you take on anything new.

The Aquarius January 2016 Horoscope January 21 – February 19: shows that you will have to pay careful attention to how you project yourself and how you communicate in order to ensure that the right message hammers home. Complacency about the level of understanding of others or haste in the way you explain things can lead to miscommunication and thus failures and hiccoughs in your business and personal life. Be clear and be calm in January 2016; you tend to be a little jumpy and presumptuous this month, and you really do have to take a step back and have a good look over things. January 2016 is a busy month for Aquarius, you will feel both motivated and stimulated by the things you are doing, but not everything will run to plan, leading to stress and last minute changes of mind and plan.

The Pisces January 2016 Horoscope February 20 – March 20: Stop! Re-think and rethink again. Do not be afraid to go back to the drawing board on ideas and plans as this month you will be challenged to rethink things from a new angle and to take a slightly different direction. The Pisces January 2016 horoscope shows that if you cannot adapt your thinking, you may get stuck in a rut where you cannot make progress. There is a better way, and you can see it, but you need to take a few steps back before you can go forward again. Do not be stubborn right now as it will not serve you well.

Source: Astrologyclub.org

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