Ladies! 7 Reasons you shouldn’t be worried about his Ex

Ladies! 7 Reasons you shouldn’t be worried about his Ex

Mfonobong Akpan

I know that many ladies and men alike get carried away with wanting to outdo the last person your partner was with before you. But are your insecurities really founded? Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t worry about his Ex.

1. He’s with you

He has chosen to be with you. Yes, he may have loved and shared a part of his life with her, but that’s in the past, now he is with you. You should respect that and simply be happy.

2. You have a past too

He most likely isn’t the first guy you’ve dated, so just like you have a past and have moved on, he is doing that too. Don’t be silly and expect him to forget everything about his past because that’s not possible, it’s part of what has shaped his life and would always be there, but like I stated in point 1, he’s with you now and that’s what matters.

3. You are showing a lack of trust in your boyfriend

If you constantly bring up the topic of his Exs or think about them, it essentially means you do not trust your man. Maybe you shouldn’t be with him either if this is the case. Your fear of his ex still having a hold on the scene is just a sign of your own insecurities? He most likely has no intention of leaving you for his ex; it is only your own, unfounded fears that could make this a reality.

4. She’s probably not interested

There must have been reasons behind why your boyfriend and his ex split, and what makes you think that she/he would be interested in getting back together? It’s more likely that your boyfriend’s ex has moved on, just as he has, therefore you need to do same also and focus on your relationship.

5. It’s counterproductive for your relationship

There is no need to be jealous of the past because it’s just like you are envious of a ghost. It’s what happens from here that counts and being jealous of his past is completely counterproductive for your relationship.

6. You are letting her take control

By letting yourself worry about her, you are letting her win! You are admitting that she still has some influence over your boyfriend and that is most likely not true. She is history and you are the NOW. Live it and enjoy it.

7. It is a waste of your time and energy

Don’t waste your energy and your time worrying about his ex especially when it’s just in your head; she’s just not worth it. This is the time that you should be focus all of that energy into making your relationship work.

Essentially, you should live in the moment and not bother about wanting to be like the past, love and be you – that’s why he’s with you and not her. Don’t allow ghosts of girlfriends past push your present relationship into the past just because you just wouldn’t let it go.

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