6 Tips on beating Monday blues

6 Tips on beating Monday blues

Mfonobong Akpan

You know how you just say “Thank God it’s Friday” and then you’re staring Sunday evening in the face again and thinking, “what just happened!” The realisation hits you that it’s Monday again. Monday morning blues are a real problem for most people, but you can take the sting out of Mondays by using these helpful tips.

Love what you do

If you’re feeling down on Monday morning, it’s likely because you’re not a fan of your work. Maybe it’s the job itself, or maybe it’s the people you work with. Take some time to think about what really bothers you about going back to work on Monday. The results will go a long way in fixing the problem.

Are you doing too much?

If you dread Mondays because of the workload you have facing you, you may need to talk to your boss. Maybe your workload has increased to a point where you can’t keep your usual standards or keep up with. If your boss is reasonable, he or she may be able to adjust what you are doing, or at the very least, give you ample time on result delivery or get you some assistance.

Is your job not as challenging?

Maybe you really do not have anything to look forward to – no new challenges because somehow you keep doing the same thing over and over – and are bored out of your mind.  One thing you could do is ask for more challenging, but new assignments. Your boss will be impressed, and you’ll find your job more satisfying.

It might be your attitude

Your fear for Mondays might just be in your head. A little adjustment may just do the magic. If you look on your work as solely a chore to be pushed through, then you will continue to dread Mondays. You have to think of work as just another part of your life that has both its ups and downs like any other part. Focus on the good parts, especially the part where the money comes in!

Leave work at work

As much as possible don’t bring work home on weekends. You should be taking a break, renewing your mind and body. If you work over the weekend, your work weeks will run into each other, you’ll start to experience burn out. Take a break to give yourself some time to regain your sanity.

Accept It

The solution to Monday blues is to just accept that it for what it is, then you wouldn’t bother so much about it anymore. Don’t exhaust yourself thinking about how to get past it, just go with the flow with a positive mind.  Time passes by quickly when you don’t dwell on it.

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