5 tips on how to tell your friend their partner is cheating

5 tips on how to tell your friend their partner is cheating

Mfonobong Akpan

This is one daunting task many pray they never have to do – snitch on a friend’s cheating partner. You never know what their reaction would be so many would rather just turn a blind eye to it. But while you might still be pondering on what side of the fence to sit on – to tell or not to tell – Here are a few tips to guide you on how you can face this very tricky situation.

Make sure you are right
Rule 1: Do not trust anything you get second-hand; be a 100% certain or say nothing.You cannot afford to make even one when it comes to a situation like this.

Provide Proof Get proof if possible. Breaking such news with proof could make telling easier, and you may not have to say much because they can see it.It will most likely calm any anger towards you and help them see the truth. It also stops any doubts they might have.

Send an Anonymous Message
If you’re afraid of being labelled “the one who broke them up” or how your friend will take the news, the anonymous approach might be your best bet. Send a detailed message about it and it’s a win-win, they get to know and you remain the shoulder to cry on.

Encourage your friend to discuss it with their partner
Though you may wish that your friend immediately dumbs the loser, that shouldn’t be your primary aim for telling. You
should encourage him/her to have that talk with his/her partner, and see if they can decide what will happen next. Let them know they can count on you for support.

Prepare to lose your friend
Like I said at the beginning, you can’t be entirely sure about how your friend may react so you may think you’re doing the right want to keep in mind that you may lose a friend.They may be too hurt to see your sincerity; may not believe you; may not speak to you again,but it’s worse to hold this information back.

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