Movie Review: ‘Fifth wave’ – Aliens Strike Once Again – or not!

Movie Review: ‘Fifth wave’ – Aliens Strike Once Again – or not!

Yvonne Williams

Okay, picture this: Alien Invasion takes centre stage; so a group of aliens ( dubbed “The Others”) decide it’s about time to take over good old planet earth, because somehow, one conclusion has been drawn by these bad guys – eradicate so called humans who dare crowd their space, or even better; rid man from every shred of humanity – “Hope” – fast forward to its very last scene – the whole basis is left inadequately explained.

But yeah, ‘Fifth Wave’ is about ‘Survival Instinct’- the ability to dare to hope against hope and keep on pushing, even when your whole world receives a staggering dose of blackout. And blackout indeed does happen literally, the first of a series of tactics employed by the aliens christened ‘Waves’, claiming many many lives with every wave that hits the planet, more specifically – Ohio, which in the end ignites a whole new appreciation for “small comforts” as we think of them in this science fiction movie.

Trust, hope, determination, anxiety, tension and romance. ‘Fifth Wave’ stars Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) as its protagonist; an everyday teenager turned selfless heroine whose world turns upside down following the invasion of aliens in her peaceful existence.  From a normal teenager who grew up under the protective arms of her father shielded from guns, the coin flips and she is forced to toughen up and trust no one –oh well, apart from her gun. Story continues, she embarks on a quest to save her little brother – Sam (Zackary Arthur) who is in the meantime caught up in the evil web of deception and betrayal and it’s all thanks to the alien drama.

“I didn’t know it then, but that was the last normal day of my life”… Cassie Sullivan(Chloë Grace Moretz ) giving the audience an inkling of an expected “roller coaster ride”.

‘Fifth Wave’ promises a whole 1h 52m  of nonstop uncontained action! But, does this teenage science fiction keep its word? Is its plot compelling enough to hold the attention of viewers and keep them panting for its reported sequels? Is Fifth Wave the next big undisputed thing to crash the box office?

When it comes to the science fiction genre, curiosity and suspense no doubt play a major role but once that goes AWOL and the predictability takes centre stage as in this case, it tends to take away from the excitement. Fifth Wave plays with an interesting concept, you know aliens coming to take over the world and that’s rich, but somehow it fails to develop its plot, appearing scanty and ending in a bedazzled kind of way –a clear explanation of why the so called aliens decide to take over earth remains sketchy in its interpretation, however this science fiction has some good things going for it; Maika Monroe aka Ringer playing one hell of a badass and of course, Liev Schreiber who plays    military colonel Vosch are two characters you won’t want to miss, plus it’s got impressive special effect.

So I guess you ask is ‘Fifth Wave’ worth your time at the cinemas? – Two answers; if you’re merely looking for a movie without great expectations, then yes. But if you’re looking for the next science fiction blockbuster film to hit your screens, superseding previous alien movies, then Fifth Wave is a big NO!

Fifth Wave is produced by Graham King, Tobey Maguire, Lynn Harris and Matthew Plouffe , directed by J Blakeson.

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