#TodayInHistory: Relish your secret past time soaking in the tub!

#TodayInHistory: Relish your secret past time soaking in the tub!

Yvonne Williams

The clock is ticking and Valentine is only a breath away. Today in the love calendar is Chocolate Day, yes, a day to treat yourself to the rich delicious taste of pure chocolate but guess what else? it’s also ‘Read in the Bathtub Day!’, now how about that for relaxation huh? Pamper yourself and relish your secret past time alone.

Here are some other significant happenings on this day in history:

1962 – British empire announces that Jamaica will be granted Independence effective August 6.

1990: Kenyan Foreign Minister Robert Ouko is found slain at his family farm before he was to have presented a report on corruption. Two of President Daniel Arap Moi’s closest confidants are later named as suspects but never convicted.

1997 – “The Simpsons” became the longest-running prime-time animated series. “The Flintstones” held the record previously.

1895 – Volleyball was invented by W.G. Morgan in Massachusetts. A game called “mintonette” was created by William George Morgan, physical director at the YMCA in Holyoke, Mass., to accommodate players who thought basketball was too strenuous. The objective was to hit a basketball over a rope. It was the predecessor to volleyball.

2010 -Nigeria’s Parliament empowered Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to take over for ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua, whose absence has stoked unrest.

Read in the Bathtub Day –  It’s a day for relaxing in style, Read In The Bathtub Day gives you the opportunity to have a guilt-free early, relaxing night with no pressures.

Disconnect the phone, lock the door, turn down the lights and pick out your favourite book safe in the knowledge that all you’ve got to worry about is enjoying yourself and while you’re at it,  why not splash out on some scented candles and have a blast.



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