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#ValentinesDayCountdown: It’s Promise Day! 19 Promises You Should make

#ValentinesDayCountdown: It’s Promise Day! 19 Promises You Should make

Mfonobong Akpan

We are on yet another special day on the Valentine’s Day countdown. It’s Promise Day! On this day express love by making promises you can keep to your significant other. You can take it a step further by buying your partner an item to signify the promises you make today.  Below are some promises you can make today.

“I promise not to hurt”

“I promise to defend you”

“I promise to listen when you speak to me.”

“I promise to be myself.

“I promise to let you be yourself.”

“I promise to allow you to grow.”

“I promise to face difficult conversations without threat, accusations or defensiveness.”

“I promise to make time for you.”

#ValentinesDayCountdown: It’s Promise Day! 19 Promises You Should make

“I promise to work as a team.”

“I promise that I will work with you to keep our relationship healthy.”

“I promise to care about your interests.”

“I promise to show you off.”

“I promise to always try keep trying to win you.”

“I promise to never get into a routine.”

“I promise to always reply your messages.”

“I promise to keep you.”

“I promise not to cheat on you”

“I promise not to check another girl out”

“I promise never to lie to you”

As Tiffany Evans sang in “Promise Ring” …If you keep your promises,, your partner would keep your “promise ring”.