#TodayInHistory: Thanks for a Great Valentine’s Day!

Yvonne Williams

Valentine’s day may have come and gone but we must remember one thing – the beauty of the celebration lies in our ability to spread love! So today in the midst of your overwhelming schedule, ensure you take some time off and appreciate those who made your Valentine a memorable one, why? It’s – ‘Thanks for a Great Valentine’s Day Day!’

Check out other happenings on this day February 15:

1995-  The FBI arrested Kevin Mitnick, its “most wanted hacker,” and charged him with cracking security for some of the nation’s most protected computers. (Mitnick ended up serving five years behind bars.)

2015: A video purporting to show the mass beheading of Egyptian Coptic Christian hostages was released by militants in Libya affiliated with the Islamic State group.

399BC Feb 15: Socrates was condemned to death on charges of corrupting the youth and introducing new gods into Greek thought. A tribunal of 501 citizens found Socrates guilty of the charge of impiety and corruption of youth.

1903 – The 1st Teddy Bear was introduced in America by Morris & Rose Michtom.

1931 –  The 1st Dracula movie released.

1950 – Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” released

1999 – In Nigeria Gen’l. Olusegun Obasanjo (61) won the nomination for president by the People’s Democratic Party.

2014 –  In Nigeria gunmen suspected of being Boko Haram Islamists reportedly killed as many as 63 people, mostly Christians, in Izghe village, Borno state.

1942 – World War II Singapore Surrenders To Japanese

1965- Canada adopts Maple Leaf For Canadian Flag


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