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Movie Review: ‘How to Be Single’ – All By Myself and Fabulous!

Movie Review: ‘How to Be Single’ – All By Myself and Fabulous!

Yvonne Williams

Happy endings; the big picture – Bag a degree, land an amazing job which affords you the leisure of bringing even your minutest fantasy to life, GET HITCHED  – oh yeah, the perfect ending for the perfect tale. Well, ‘How to Be Single’ has just two words for you – SCRATCH THAT! Not everyone needs a certain “someone” to feel that sense of completeness- some of us are totally fabulous all by ourselves and loving every minute!

Movie Review: ‘How to Be Single’ – All By Myself and Fabulous!

An eventful night in the movie plays out a little something like this: One night stand happens and the morning after, this conversation sort of happens-

Robin: “You need to get out”

Latest fling: You’re in my apartment!”

Robin: “This, is..not my apartment, sorry. You were great last night”

Latest fling: “Was I?”

Robin: I can’t remember

Movie Review: ‘How to Be Single’ – All By Myself and Fabulous!

Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson (Robin) stars as the unapologetic wild eyed – single party girl, and boy does she know how to play her cards; endless flings and one night stands, unending free drinks at the club…but don’t get it wrong, she’s no bimbo, she at least manages to hold a job in the cooperate world- cool right?). Newly single 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson (Alice) gets all mushy with her sense of self instantly flying out the window each time she falls in love…. But somewhere along the line, she decides to take time off from her college sweetheart Josh (Nicolas Braun) to pursue self discovery and her character’s tale is that of confusion; submitting to comforts of familiarity or scaling new horizons and bracing up for the unfamiliar. But ever dependable fun Robin will be her “guardian angel” of some sorts to see her through her seemingly trying moments. Meanwhile, there’s Alice’s sister Meg (Leslie Mann) a presumably uptight obstetrician who has delivered over “3000 babies” but is somehow immune to their contagious charm, but will one adorable little tot win her over making her rethink her decision never to have her kids and perhaps settle down?

Movie Review: ‘How to Be Single’ – All By Myself and Fabulous!

Love, romance, sex, dating, ‘How to be Single’ although a box of delightfulness, charms its audience throughout with many heartwarming moments too. The rom com is literarily the depressed single’s guide to bouncing out of gloominess! It’s message – love yourself rather than confining your definition to a significant other and that message, her audience gets with clarity.

Movie Review: ‘How to Be Single’ – All By Myself and Fabulous!

The engaging romantic comedy which boasts of brilliant performances aims to set the record straight and it does with easy humour and simple dialogue – saying the big ‘I DO’ never truly equates happiness – not everyone must have a life partner, plus single moments shouldn’t be your down spiraling moment, rather it should cherished and maximized!

So yeah, ‘How to Be Single’ impressively delivers and ups the scale in the romantic comedy genre – Interesting watch indeed!


The rom-com directed by Christian Ditter, contains sexual content and strong language.

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