#PeriodSex: Safe or not? What you should know!

Yvonne Williams

As a woman, being on your period  is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s a good sign that your body is healthy and functioning well. So what’s the big deal about ‘Menstrual cycle’? Menstruation is a constant natural change which takes place in the female reproductive system enabling conception, so yes, the whole process is indeed a big deal, but should you and your partner be going under the sheets?

Okay, while the thought of having sex on your period can completely gross a few of us out, the more adventurous testify that the mere thrill of venturing into the somewhat “forbidden” can be a huge turn on!

Over the years, frequently asked questions like; ‘Is it safe?’, ‘Can the blood cause HIV?,’ Can I get infections’, ‘Can I get pregnant?’…, tend to pop up but not too worry, we’ve compiled a list of things you should know in order to help put your body and souls at ease just in case you decide to indulge in some kinky wild sex during your period.

What you should know:

Period blood doesn’t harm the penis;

Don’t laugh, let’s be a little honest here, most of us tend to believe that the blood being expelled from the uterus is a combination of different unwholesome particles and as such, is considered impure and therefore harmful to the penis. Not true! This is according to some medical practitioners is merely a false assumption; menstruation is all about shredding the uterine lining; extra tissues and healthy blood that the body does not need which cannot result in infections. Although some are of varied opinions.

Tampons versus no tampons during period sex

It is advised to do without your tampon while having sex during your period because there’ isn’t enough space to accommodate both a penis and a tampon at the same time. In this situation, the tampon can get pushed up into your vagina, making it difficult to remove.

While tampons by themselves don’t increase your risk of infections, leaving it for prolonged periods, i.e more than eight hours can cause bacteria to build up, thereby creating infection.

Cramps? Don’t sweat, it orgasm to the rescue!

Being on your period can be a huge mood dampener. It isn’t exactly your most fabulous moment because understandably you tend to feel somewhat uncomfortable with cramps setting in and all, but did you know orgasms can help bring relief to stress? Through orgasms the body releases oxytocin and dopamine which is said to be stronger than painkillers! Awesome right? The perfect excuse for a romantic getaway. *wink*.

HIV and period sex?

Contrary to the perception that having sex on your period can lead to HIV due to its perceived “impurities”, it doesn’t. However chances of transmission are higher without protection. It is worthy of note that while both partners tend to be more prone to STI infections, the vagina’s PH level which is usually maintained pre menses rises, giving room for vaginal yeast to grow more rapidly, thereby exposing the female partner more to infections. Ensure your partner is healthy.     .

Extra lubrication

If you’re on the dry side and regularly need lubricants to help with the wetness during sex, your period is the best way to enjoy sex naturally. This is because the wetness could serve as a lubricant which helps increase pleasure.

Shortens Period

While having sex doesn’t stop your period from flowing, an orgasm can shorten the length of your period because the contraction helps the uterine lining to get rid of blood faster than it normally would. Orgasm help fasten the rate at which endometrial debris are expelled from the body, shortening the length of your period in turn.

A Huge Turn On;

According to various studies, women tend to get hornier before and during sex as the genitals are a little swollen and sensitive, which might definitely be a turn on to some ladies. However this is hardly the case with some as they might be too distracted and put off by the whole experience.

Greater intimacy

Since your blood comes into the equation you wouldn’t want just anyone swimming in there would you? Having sex during your period helps streamline your partner making it extra special for the privileged one and if you’ve already got a constant partner, sharing the experience with him makes him feel real special .

Can I get pregnant?

There’re two answers to this; if you’ve got the regular 28 day cycle, then no because you’re less likely to ovulate around your period, but if yours is irregular then yes because, ovulation tends to happen close to your period and sperm can live up to seven days, so it is actually possible to get pregnant.

Best sex position during period?

Hate to bust your bubble but to prevent that “eww factor” while at it, it is advised that you stay off certain sex positions. While Woman on top is a NO NO, as this won’t help contain the bleeding, Missionary position, doggy style or shower sex are your best bet.

Load up on towels and tissues

To help give you a smooth flow, you could put a towel on the sheets and have towels and tissues within reach for easy cleanup.

Unleash your inner spunk

Forget about being that extremely “conservative” lady, let go of your inner spunk and explore forbidden zones, who knows, you might actually love it! While you’re bothering your pretty head about irking out your partner with the whole “bloody mess”, he might be secretly fantasizing about trying it out –  Be spontaneous!

Get your freak on guys!

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