#TodayInHistory: It’s Forgive mom and dad day!

Yvonne Williams

Today in history we let go of the past hurt with courage as we begin life over. Check out happenings on this day March 18 :

1991-  Apple computer head Steve Jobs weds Laurene Powell

1991-  Mike Tyson beats Razor Ruddock in the 7th round

1990 – 1st free elections in East Germany, Conservatives beat Communists

1953-  Earthquake strikes West Turkey, 250 die

1965 – First Man to walk in space

2013 – The FBI reports they have discovered who stole $580 million in masterpieces from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990, the greatest art heist in American history. The thieves made off with 13 works of art.

1945 – Suicide bombs were introduced.

Awkward Moments Day: Ever wished the ground would open up and swallow you? don’t worry everyone can relate! Awkward moments are just part of life, so relax!

Forgive Mom & Dad Day- 

Forgive Mom & Dad Day presents a perfect opportunity to let go of past hurts and frustrations, to let well-meaning but disappointing parents off the hook, and to find freedom from nagging resentments.


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