#TodayInHistory: It’s World Water Day!

#TodayInHistory: It’s World Water Day!

Yvonne Williams

A highlight of notable events which occurred on this day in history :

1963-  England. The Beatles’ first album, “Please Please Me,” is released.

 1933 U.S.A. 3.2% Beer And Wine Sales Made Legal. President Roosevelt signed the bill which legalized the sale of 3.2 percent beer and wine.

1873- Slavery is abolished in Puerto Rico

1888 – English Football League established

1940 – The bleeding that came out of the forehead of a Nun stunned both physicians and priests. Italy Sister Elena Aiello  experienced bleeding in her forehead and this phenomenon for the 16th consecutive Good Friday in a row. It was like a spiritual occurrence that happened on the very day of the remembrance of Jesus’ crucifixion. According to her  the lord appeared to her in a white garment and wearing a crown of thorns. On being assured of her consent, Our Lord removed the crown from His Head and placed it on Elena’s head. Then a large quantity of blood started to flow. Our Lord told her that He wished her to suffer for the conversion of sinners and for the many sins of impurity. He wanted her to be a victim in order to appease Divine Justice.

1972-  U.S.A. The Equal Rights Amendment. The Equal Rights Amendment which provided for the legal equality of the sexes and prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex was passed by the U.S. Senate and sent to the states for ratification. .

1991- U.S.A. Pamela Smart Convicted. Pamela Smart is convicted for conspiring with her 16-year-old student lover, William Flynn, and three friends to kill her husband, Gregory Smart, in Derry, New Hampshire.

1904 – The first color photograph was published in the London Daily Illustrated Mirror.

1935 – In New York, blood tests were authorized as evidence in court cases.

2005 – Nigeria’s Pres. Olusegun Obasanjo fired his education minister, Fabian Osuji, accusing him of bribing lawmakers including the Senate leader Adolphus Wabara and a string of other named senators of taking bribes totaling $398,550.

2006 -World Water Day. The 1st WWD was designated 13 years ago by the UN General Assembly. It is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Make sure you at least drink 6 glasses of fresh water today!

As Young As You Feel Day – 

If you are in good health, but feel restricted by how you are expected to behave, then As Young As You Feel Day is the time to rebel! We only live this life once and As Young As You Feel Day is a good reminder to us that age is a number, and shouldn’t be used to stop us enjoying ourselves.



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