Movie Review: ‘Batman v Superman’; Dawn of Justice – Smallville Just Got Darker!

Movie Review: ‘Batman v Superman’; Dawn of Justice – Smallville Just Got Darker!

Yvonne Williams

Sometimes glimpses of the familiar steers weariness in the soul; a certain distaste as the eyes revolt, yearning for shock! Yes – the unfamiliar, other times, the heart yearns for the soothing cleavage of the ever reassuring comforts of the familiar!

Right from their glorious entrance, Superheroes have been known to woo audiences all over the globe with two major undisputed forces; magical powers and immortality! But apparently that’s way too boring  for the 21st century folks,  with a perhaps insatiable hunger for more and this “hunger” is the premise on which – 2016 American superhero film – ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ a spin-off to 2013’s ‘Man of Steel’ is hinged!

Its déjàvu once again as ever green characters grace our screens but this time things get real ruffled big time with an unapologetic twist and make no mistake, this superhero follow up is all business! Batman (Bruce Wayne – Ben Affleck) does the honours, kicking off the plot as a young boy who is orphaned yet again but the audience gets a glimpse of his roots –family. Fast forward… and a complicated plot unfolds.

Ancient villain – Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is back with a vengeance to see the end of Superman (Clark Kent – Henry Cavill ) inspired by the pain of being “abandoned” by God because as he eloquently puts it, God takes sides – ‘I figured out way back if God is all-powerful, He cannot be all good. And if He is all good, then He cannot be all-powerful’…  and things don’t get any easier for Superman-  he is despised and dubbed a controversial hero  contrary to assumptions that all superheroes are loved and reverend by mankind but hated only by villains. ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ dares to portray the hidden reality; humans are an insatiable lot who believe shiny red boots with wings or not (superpowers) empowers supernatural being to at least save the whole damn universe!

Catastrophe happens yet again and in comes Superman to the rescue but as usual many lives are lost; Wallace Keefe (Wayne Enterprises employee) part of the victims gets saved but loses his legs and from that day onward he holds it against the un-seeming hero which would be the tool of manipulation by Luthor against Superman- leading to his being summoned to a Congressional hearing held at the U.S Capitol to defend his honours, but how does it all play out? Would this usher in the light at the seemingly unending tunnel, which Superman so desperately needs or will this ultimately be his downfall in front of his accusers?

But hey, it’s Superman versus Batman! so a fight’s got to happen somehow the reason isn’t quite explained but the audience know one thing for sure, the name ‘Martha’ bore by both superhero’s moms (*rolls eyes*) holds a certain appeal to the  whole dilemma (even though dialogue could have been simply applied at first).

Meanwhile Luthor mixes his DNA with general Zod’s corpse and behold an “unkillable” monstrous creature which gets stronger upon attack is unleashed and Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) teams up for the adventure (but one wonders if her part is really of any significance??).

Generally, ‘Batman v Superman’ holds a certain appeal to superhero fanatics; it’s familiar characterization with impressive aesthetics to complement helps this sequel a huge deal, however it’s complicated plot structure, long duration (a whole 2h 33m) inexistent humour (excluding the scene where Batman and Superman wonder where Wonder Woman came from) and it’s daring move to deviate from the expected “happily ever after endings” might prove a bit too much for the average  superhero lover to swallow.

That said – What would superhero tales look like without Superman playing your endearing good guy all the way with that ever so predictable “blissful” ending wrapping up the whole adventure. Find out! – Brazenly alien but has its audience!

The science fiction film written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer was produced by Zack Snyder.

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