Saturday Groove: Hilarious But Sweet ‘Pick Up Lines’

Saturday Groove: Hilarious But Sweet ‘Pick Up Lines’

Yvonne Williams

Chessy Pick up lines? Let’s be honest here, as ladies we’ve all gotten a line or two; you’re walking down the street and this guy walks up to you to voice his “noble intention”(romantic interest) and WOOSH! The first sentence that spills out of his mouth almost gets you knocking your pretty head against the wall in utter disbelief!

Today is all about the guys and we bring you two sets of  hilarious videos; the first (above) is really cute and sweet and could land you your dream girl within a split second if you get real lucky, while the second is the total reverse which can zap her away from your clutches faster than a thunderbolt! Add some swag to your game!

Check out the wackiest pick up lines ever below:

Watch below:

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