Inspiration Monday – Easy is boring! 5 ways to challenge yourself

Inspiration Monday – Easy is boring! 5 ways to challenge yourself

Yvonne Williams

You can make a wish or you could make it happen’

Burning in self doubt can be really frustrating but don’t sweat it – there’s hope. Just like every other success habit you can work on your confidence level. Remember without challenges you’ll never know your potential.

Kick off Monday by facing your challenges head on and your week will be every bit amazing!

5 ways to challenge yourself:

Strip yourself naked and behold you eye ball to eye ball:

Yeah, it might seem a little silly, but becoming more comfortable with yourself helps boost your confidence tons; you get to understand your strengths and weaknesses and work at it. In no time, you’ll become your bestest  more fulfilled self.

Take on something that scares you:

Scary right? Relax you don’t have to do it all at once, the trick is to start small and practice, practice, practise. Triumph helps strengthen you to become a better person. Always remember, running away from your fear doesn’t automatically take it away. Avoidance feeds fear. Face it and your selfworth will be thanking you.

Dare to achieve that unrealistic dream:

Take a moment, go down memory lane, remember that lost dream you dubbed unrealistic?  Stare your fear eye ball to eye ball and take it on! Note, impossibility is only in the mind. Dream it -achieve it. Easy is boring!

Learn a new skill:

Embracing our comfort zone might be the easiest thing in the world, but hey, confidence craves challenges. Take time out and learn something new; it can be a new language, sport, course, anything. Knowledge is power!

Enjoy the exhilarating reward of success

Yep, after all is said and done, you finally conquered but you don’t have to be modest about it – Own it! Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying your success – The accomplishment is YOURS! You worked hard for it and YES YOU DESERVE IT!

A toast to success!

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