#TodayInHistory: Prisoners left to burn in Ohio fire

#TodayInHistory: Prisoners left to burn in Ohio fire

Yvonne Williams

A look at the highlights on this day April 21

2009: European researchers say they not only found the smallest planet ever, Gliese 5810 e, but also realise that a neighbouring planet discovered earlier, Gliese 581 d, was in the prime habital zone for potential life.

753 BC – Today is the traditional date of the foundation of Rome.

1956- Elvis Presley’s 1st hit record, “Heartbreak Hotel”, becomes #1

1960 –Brasilia becomes capital of Brazil

1983 –1 pound coin introduced in United Kingdom

1789 – John Adams was sworn in as the first U.S. Vice President

1898 – The Spanish-American War began.

1930 – Prisoners left to burn in Ohio fire. A fire at an Ohio prison kills 320 inmates, some of whom burn to death when they are not unlocked from their cells. It is one of the worst prison disasters in American history.

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