15 Things Nigerian men should do before they say “I do”

15 Things Nigerian men should do before they say “I do”

Mfonobong Akpan

Dear Nigerian men, before you take those vows at the alter, be sure that you have ticked off all the items on this list. If you have even one unchecked, it means you probably aren’t quite ready to be her knight in shining armour.

Check out 15 things Nigerian men should do before they say “I do”:

Reset your mind… The average Nigerian man goes into marriage with the mindset of rigid gender roles, this has to change! A woman isn’t just there to cook, clean and pop out kids for you. She’s so much more and until you realise that she has as much rights as you do in marriage, then you shouldn’t be saying ‘I DO’.

Be Independent… If you’ve been a mummy’s boy for a long time and are so dependent on others, it’s time to grow up and be the rock others can lean on or you’d be falling like a pack of cards.

Have a Conversation: … more with yourself, figure out why you really want to get married. Do you genuinely love your partner or just like the idea of getting married? Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with hi/her? Find out your true intentions.

Take care of past relationship drama… If you have any kind of unfinished or continuing business with exs, make sure you fix that. Don’t drag her into any unsolicited drama.

Put your finances in order… Please and please, make sure you have sufficient funds before you go into marriage. Yes, love is important but  money is too. Have a budget and start saving up for two and more…

Learn how to cook …Yes, learn if you don’t know how to. It would come in handy

Build your own identity… You need to be your own person; have a life outside of your partners so you don’t feel neglected and needy. Space is good for relationships.

Spend time alone…to discover who you truly are and who you’d be comfortable spending your life with.

Learn to fight … Not throwing blows and sending the neighbours/relations running to your doorstep.  Disagreements will surely come, but learning to deal with and resolve disagreements with your partner fairly.

Be handy…Every man should learn the basics when it comes doing some handy work around the house because there will always be something to fix. You won’t always have to wait hours before having to part with good money for something you very well would have done.

Get an apartment… You don’t expect her to move in with your parents’, friends’ or that stuffed up bachelor pad. You need new ground and a lot of space.

Get an education… At least try, you don’t have to go all the way to Cambridge, but you do need to get some kind of formal education while you’re still single. You’re open to better opportunities

Get in shape…and stay that way

Get a clean bill of health… Be sure that you’re healthy and clean before cleaving. Encourage your partner to do same.

Have a steady/reliable source of income… do I need to say why? Nah! I didn’t think so.

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