10 Photos That Show Bae’s Makeup Skill is so…on FLEEK!

10 Photos That Show Bae’s Makeup Skill is so…on FLEEK!

Yvonne Williams

With the number of makeup tutorials at our every turn, who needs to spend loads of cash on some makeup artiste, right? Wrong! I know as ladies, we like to look in the mirror and boast- ‘Yeah girl, eyebrows on fleek’ , but let’s be honest, not every girl can even hold a pencil, let alone draw a decent eyebrow!!

Today, we give you 10 reasons why some of us DESPERATELY need a makeup artist:

When bae decides makeup artists are damn too expensive:

Nigerian economy palava: 

When bae is confused about her shade then decides to use them all…

This happens when you watch a makeup tutorial and think -“ Okay, I got this; don’t know what the fuzz about Tara’s makeup  is anyway,- She needs some learning!”

I’m so on fleek!

Revenge Mode activated:

When bae has always told you his dream girl is white, so you go all out to make his fantasy come true:

When the relationship with bae is all shades of complicated:

Bae be like I’m so sezy!

Bae be like please, please I’m done with this eyebrow bull shit- #TeamNatural

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