8 Amazing life hacks for the ladies

8 Amazing life hacks for the ladies

Mfonobong Akpan

Organising your personal things as a woman can be a struggle – searching for that bobby pin, untangling a neck piece – here are 8 amazing life hacks to make life easier.

1. Have those tiny bobby pins and manicure set when you need them by attaching them to a magnetic strip.

2. Do you have shoes that don’t fit and you still love them? Using a hair dryer and socks, stretch out the shoes. Wear the socks, stuff your feet in the shoes, and aim the dryer at the tight areas. Keep the shoes on while they cool, then try walking in them without socks to check the fit.

3. Don’t throw your bags any where, keep them organised and aired using shower curtain hooks.

4. I used coloured key holders for my keys, but if yours are in a bunch, use fingernail polish to identify your keys easily.

5.  To prevent your fingers from turning colours, paint clear fingernail polish on the inside of rings.

6. You know how frustrated we get trying to untangle a tangled necklace, to prevent this try putting them through a straw. Cool right?

7. Keep your scarves organised by tying them to hangers.

8. A a pumice stone can do more than wash your feet…to get rid of little lint balls on clothing run one through.

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