6 Things Burna Boy and Uju Stella need to know

6 Things Burna Boy and Uju Stella need to know

Mfonobong Akpan

A certain young woman by name Stella Uju announced on social media that she is allegedly pregnant for reggae-dance hall singer and song writer, Burna Boy a few days ago. Reacting to this claim, the artiste in a video he put up on Instagram where he sings alongside his friends, said he had sex with her (Uju Stella)  just once – “fu**ked that girl once and now she’s claiming that she’s pregnant”.

This isn’t all the singer purportedly did, according to Stella’s friends, he stormed her residence along with a couple of friends to wreck havoc, fortunately Stella wasn’t home at the time.

Uju Stella

Yet another baby mama drama…when will celebrities begin to act more responsibly? I’m kinda over the very countless drama:

So here’s what I’m going say,

1. Burna Boy, you don’t need to have ‘f***ked’ a girl more than once before she’s knocked up. One time is all you need.

2. There’s something called protection you know…

3. Stop the harrassment; Stop the drama and do the right thing. You chose to act irresponsibly, so man up and take responsibility, if it’s yours.

4. Uju Stella, you can’t hold a man down or get cash outta him using a baby. That’s just wrong.

5. It only makes you look desperate…

6. I’m quite sure you can do better with yourself. Don’t settle for a ‘baby mama’ title. Get a life!

Keep your private matters private and deal with them like two mature, responsible individuals and leave social media out of it, just like you did when you were getting your freak on.

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