Movie Review – 1 Lonely Night: Five mind juggling thoughts in ‘The Novelist’

Yvonne Williams

Instinct, suspicion, conviction… One costly mistake, two indecipherable parallel reactions! What makes a saint different from the so called raging beast? What holds one man down and lets loose the other when the die is cast and it all comes crashing down? Self-control, self-imposed morals, religion or perhaps, cowardice? Can a man truly be defined in correlation to his present state?

From the pen of Kehinde Olorunyomi (Finding Mercy) comes another thought provoking romantic thriller – ‘The Novelist!’. Opening scene unveils and our eyes meet the most innocent eyes ever; Joseph (Ifeanyi Kalu) a loving/passionate writer and husband at the brink of releasing his second best seller. But as though instinct plays muse with fate – a sort of unconscious reflection as it were, his novel is hinged on infidelity, the very same sin he suspects his wife of, but what’s the most befitting end to this “oh so tragic piece” when a “fragile heart” is ripped to shreds upon confirmation of his loving wife’s infidelity? That answer, our protagonist himself struggles with in reality.

Covers are blown, a heart is shattered and a perhaps shocking -unforgivable affair is unearthed! Quick question though – What will be the consequence? Forgiveness or sweet delicious revenge? Only the “victim” can tell. Lust, betrayal, deceit, depression, and child marriage, it’s all in Patience Oghre Imobho’s ‘The Novelist.’

The Novelist: Five provoking thoughts we admit:

No saint, no sinner: When pushed over and over against the wall and the screw of rationale disappears, even the faintest hearts can transform into the cruelest beings. Joseph, undoubtedly described as a good husband with his kind voice and tender loving actions, transforms to a different being, after bumping in on the startling revelation about his wife’s infidelity -Linda (Bayray McNwizu). He snaps, and so can we all.

Morals or not, sin is just what it is:
 Culture and tradition might portray otherwise, but when matrimony rules are broken, regardless of who the erring partners are, trust has been broken and a contract bridged. Joseph and Linda as the story goes on, argue about who the bigger sinner (adulterer) is, and this somewhat understandably applies to certain societies, however, one fact remains, adultery is just what it is – sleeping with another outside the confines of marriage.

Payback isn’t always the answer: When a man is hurt, he goes through different emotions to get him through, but if he succumbs to revenge as an antidote for pain, it only festers and never gives relief.
Some guys are just plain lucky: Funny isn’t it, how that bad ass friend of yours just never gets caught while you get roasted only by your first trial? Linda who was tagged a “learner” in the infidelity game got it real hot, while her bestie – Pollyn who had been with virtually everyone got off squeaky clean.

Child marriage destroys: As the story progresses, a hidden secret is unveiled; Pollyn had been betrothed as a teenager to her much older husband who she didn’t have feelings for. In the end, child brides get locked up in a world they never chose and when they grow, they tend to look for comfort elsewhere.

Every normal person might just not be normal: Omar (Labelle Vitien) was nothing special to the eyes, but when a mind filled with revenge caught those eyes, they yielded but alas! Reality calls and she’s given the booth, quicker than she was picked. But from the day those glasses were switched for contacts, lines had been crossed and the hidden beast unleashed from that cage, one too many times – Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned, or does it? Find out!

Verdict: Although not your usual star studded Nollywood movie which gives you tons of expectations , The Novelist delivers impressively! From the brilliant plot, great casting, easy chemistry, realism and shock factor, ‘The Novelist’ effortlessly succeeds! Landing deservingly amongst Nollywood’s best sellers! Brilliant!!

The Novelist stars: Rykardo Agbor, Kehinde Olorunyomi, Bayray Mcnwizu, Ifeanyi Kalu, Labelle Vitien, and Frank Paladini.

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