11 Turn-Offs For Guys Ladies Should Know

11 Turn-Offs For Guys Ladies Should Know

Mfonobong Akpan

Just like with ladies, there are a couple of things guys get turned off by. Ladies take a quick look below:

Gossiping: This says more about you than the people you gossip about. Huge turn off.

Feeling Entitled: If he’s gonna do anything, he’s doing it because he loves you and wants to do it and not because you’re entitled to it.

Being Rude: A total turn off.

Playing Dumb…Not cute, he wants a smart thinking woman, now that’s cute.

Being Overbearing: You should really cut the constant yapping and pushing hard.

Playing Hard to Get: Yea, you can hold out for a little bit, but make up your mind already – so frustrating!

Long Nails: Not cool. Keep them well manicured and short, he doesn’t want to be make out with you and then end up with cuts and bruises.

Being Late: This is like a thing for women. He would appreciate you being on time, sometime.

Jealousy: Going all crazy just because a woman says hi isn’t a turn on.

Sending Mixed Signals: Guys aren’t very excited over the roller coaster ride you put them through trying to figure out what temperature you’re on – hot, cold or lukewarm? I’m sure this pattern would tick you off too if it were you.

Acting Desperate: Girl get a hold of yourself! Acting desperate only sends him running the other way.

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