5 Easy breezy ways to lose weight!

5 Easy breezy ways to lose weight!

Yvonne Williams

Fun weight loss, now how cool is that! Does squeezing into basically all your clothes sound painfully familiar? Have you been desperately trying to lose weight like forever? Well, don’t sweat it! Simple lifestyle changes can help you lose tons of weight. Here are five fun ways to lose weight:

Add healthy goodies: 

Forget about subtracting delicious foods from your diet, add instead! Add veggies to healthy meals always and you’re golden!

Work out? Who cares!

So the mere mention of “Workout” makes you break out in sweat, why not give it a fun name instead! ‘Fab time’…whatever! Try engaging in physical activities plus lots of sex and you’ll be saying hello to that sexy body.

Do a lighter version of your favourite foods

Whose says you totally have to give up on your favourite delicacies? Why not switch to a lower calorie version of foods you like? How about garnishing low-fat ice cream with your favorite toppers? Low caloroe drink…Take a cue and you’ll be having fun, yet dropping those pounds real quick! Fun huh?

Love water!

Drink a glass of water before meals and this will help tame that hunger! Plus, drinking lots of water also helps your workout. Great huh?

Turn up!

Going clubbing and hitting the dance floor is a great way to shed weight. But if you aren’t one who loves to club, you could do parties too. Point is, wherever you fall, make sure you dance and dance that heart out!

Remember, eating healthy everyday at the same times plus balancing with fruits and veggies will make your weightloss journey a whole lot easier. Happy dieting!

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