5 Fun Ways To Kill Boredom!

5 Fun Ways To Kill Boredom!

Yvonne Williams

Yawning your heart out, dashing to the fridge like a zillion times, counting the celing boards over and over again,  Yep, BOREDOM! Plain and simple.

Bored out of your mind and wondering ways to snap out of that killer mood? Stick to these five tips and you’ll be ushering in your new fun self!

Take up a new hobby:

Wipe out boredom by learning something new; it could be a new dish, baking, language, dance, makeup… rejuvenate your brain cells with a new challenge and say goodbye to boredom for ever.

Give your home a new look 

Okay, so you’ve been dreaming about giving your home that glam touch, but cash is holding you back, don’t just give up, switch things up. You could rearrange the furniture or even shop for a touch of something new. Do this and you’ll be hitting the pillows faster than you can imagine.


There’s nothing more rejuvenating than inviting your friends over and watching a movie together. Extra tip – dim the lights and be sure you’ve got a steady supply of  pop corn and ice cream and you’ll be having the time of your life in your very own cinema. But, if you’re bored with your circle of friends, hit the club, gym or any other fun place and make new ones.


Now this is the perfect way to take your mind of gloominess. Provide the perfect romantic ambience, grab your significant other and try out your greatest fantasies. Nice huh?

Wish list

Do you have a couple of things you’ve been literally dying to do? What better time than when you’re bored? Make a wish list and pick it up any time you’re bored, and you’ll be giving boredom the boot for life!

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