Birthday Shout! Rebbie Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Melanie Brown, Laverne Cox, John F. Kennedy

Birthday Shout! Rebbie Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Melanie Brown, Laverne Cox, John F. Kennedy

Yvonne Williams

We celebrate top celebrities this day May 29

Rebbie Jackson

The oldest child in the Jackson family who performed with her siblings and was on the TV series The Jacksons.

She made her first performance with her siblings in 1974.

She found her greatest solo success with her 1986 album Reaction, which peaked at #6 on US R&B charts.

She married her childhood sweetheart Nathaniel Brown in 1968. The couple had three children named Stacee, Yashi, and Austin.

She performed with her brother Michael Jackson on the song “2300 Jackson Street.”

The 66 year old was born May 29, 1950

LaToya Jackson

Born Yvonne Jackson, she rose to fame in the 1980s and returned in 2004 with the hits “Just Wanna Dance” and “Free the World.”

She wanted to become a lawyer and focus on business law, but pursued a career in show business like her siblings.

She released the single “Bet’cha Gonna Need My Lovin’,” appeared in Playboy, and published an autobiography that caused a rift in the Jackson family.

Her manager Jack Gordon forced her into marriage on September 5, 1989 and when she asked for an annulment six months later, he slammed her face into the corner of a table. She divorced him in 1997.

She is the older sister of music legend Michael and Janet Jackson.

The 60 year old was born  May 29, 1956

Melanie Brown

English pop singer who performed with the Spice Girls under the stage name Scary Spice. She pursued a solo career before the Spice Girls Reunion, her song “I Want You Back” charted at #1. In 2013, she became a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Before hitting the spotlight, she worked as a dancer at a resort hotel. Her first group was called Touch, which regrouped as the Spice Girls.

She had a child with Eddie Murphy in 2008.

She married Jimmy Gulzar on September 13, 1998; after their divorce in January 2001, she remarried Stephen Belafonte on June 6, 2007. She has three daughters named Angel, Madison and Phoenix.

She was joined in the Spice Girls by Victoria Beckham, Geri Estelle Halliwell, Emma Lee Bunton and Melanie Jayne Chisholm.

The 41 year old was born May 29, 1975.
Laverne Cox

Actress best known for playing Sophia Burset on the Netflix comedy series Orange is the New Black. She made news in 2014 by being the first transgender person in over twenty years to be nominated for an Emmy.

She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College and appeared on the first season of the reality series I Want to Work for Diddy.

She was ranked first on The Guardian’s 2014 World Pride Power List of important members of the LGBT community.

Her brother, M. Lamar, also appeared on Orange Is the New Black. In 2016, she began dating Jono Freedrix.
She appeared in the music video for John Legend’s “You & I (Nobody In The World)” in 2014.

The 32 year old was born May 29, 1984.

John F. Kennedy

Also known as JFK, he was the 35th President of the United States, serving in office from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. During his presidency, there were a number of historical events including the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs and the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

He produced and published a best-selling thesis paper, Appeasement in Munich, while a student at Harvard.

His assassination in Dallas, Texas is one of the most discussed incidents in American history. Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended for the murder but many conspiracy theories have been birthed over the years.

He married Jacqueline Bouvier in September 1953, and the couple had three children together named Caroline, John F. Jr., and Patrick. Their first child, Arabella, was stillborn.

He carried on a torrid and legendary affair with Marilyn Monroe, who performed an unforgettable version of Happy Birthday for him at his 1962 birthday celebration.

The 47 year old was born May 29, 1917.


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