5 surprising things that give away your personality!

5 surprising things that give away your personality!

Yvonne Williams

Sizing someone up at first meeting, how familiar is that? First impressions matter big time! Forget the usual giveaways during conversation, as humans, we’re sort of wired to judge, so unconsciously we scrutinize any teeny weeny detail and draw up our personal conclusion about a person’s personality through certain subtle perhaps “ignored behaviours.”

Here are five giveaways which people use to judge you easily:


This is a given; A person’s confidence level can be easily ascertained by this singular action. Strong handshakes usually reflects strength and confidence, weak handshakes in contrast, indicate a lack of confidence. Need I explain why a firm handshake is often advised in the professional world?


Large letters with intense pressure and you’ve got a dude with a lot of confidence – He’s people oriented and an extrovert, while smaller letters suggest a more introverted person. 


Do you love Pop, rap/hip hop, jazz, blues and soul music? Then you most likely belong to the outgoing zone, but if you love rock/ heavy metal or classical music, introverted crew it is.

Favourite colour

Isn’t it interesting that the colours we love say a whole lot about our personality?

Let’s take a sneak peek;

Yellow—life of the party, active, versatile, and original
Red—confident, enthusiastic, powerful, and sexual.

Pink—kind, caring, feminine, and generous
Black—rebellious, serious, classy, and prone to melancholy.

Eye contact

The window to the soul; eye contact says a lot about us. Starring at an individual without blinking might be perceived as aggressive and creepy, but maintaining eye contact for a small portion of the conversation, makes you come across as disinterested, shy, or embarrassed as well.

Studies suggest that extroverts tend to maintain longer levels of eye contact during conversation than introverts do. A lack of steady eye contact “shows lack of self-control, required drive to follow through, and a weak will.” It is advised to at least hold eye contact 60% of the time.

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