6 Types of choristers you’ll definitely meet in church today

6 Types of choristers you’ll definitely meet in church today

Yvonne Williams

It’s another Sunday! Yay!! Another opportunity for some of us to do what we know how to do best – “Warm those benches till they burn!” Yes, whether or not the pastor screams his heart out with speakers vibrating in seriousness, admonishing us for just being “bench warmers” some of us have vowed with unflinching repentance to maintain that spot till “the kingdom comes” – (Whatever…eyes rolling).

Today however we won’t be talking about ourselves, nope, the choristers get the spotlight big time. Check out six types of choir members you’re most likely to meet in church today:

Stage warmers

These ones never get to even smell the mic. They don’t belong to the almighty list of the “best voices”, have resigned to their fate and don’t even care. As long as they still get to wear robes and stand with the choir and fuflil their “Godly duty”, they’re good.

Mr/ Mrs. Soloist

Our favourite guys any day, anytime! Each time these guys hold the mic ( they always, by the way) be sure to get goosebumps. Roofs come down, sinners cry to the altar…the church is set on fire literally. Wow! Real talent right there. Halleluyah somebody!

Professional backup

Total opposite of the soloist gang but they can still pass. We see them every Sunday on stage, the “constant supporters” who never fail to mount that stage and sing their lungs out. But unlike the stage warmers, these ones have hope as they sometimes graduate to the exalted soloist zone.


If you’re looking for folks who know how to “fall in the spirit” , these guys have it all covered. Hmm, they can feel every lyric of a song ehn, beat nko? That’s another level. If you stand near these guys, you tend to feel like an ungrateful sinner who doesn’t know how to thank God for his many mercies.


Are you a fast learner or a slow learner? Trust me, time for special number and the true test takes place. Everyone comes for choir practise but not every individual is able to grasp the lyric and tune fast, so they hit the stage and the slow learners look for a “coded” way out – ” serious chewing of mouth”.

Impressive dancers aka steppers

Omo, these guys are the bomb! 24/7 they’re always happy. These group know how to put anyone in the right frame of mind: from Shoki to Alingo, they slay big time. Okay, so they dance more than they sing, but who cares. These guys are the show stoppers and we totally love…having them in church.

Familiar huh? Did I leave out any? Kindly share.

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