10 Things long-term couples don’t give the heck about

10 Things long-term couples don’t give the heck about

Mfonobong Akpan

When couples start out in a new relationship, everyone stays civil, polite, and works hard at giving a good impression, but after you’ve been together for a pretty long time, some things don’t matter anymore – you let loose and just be you with them. Lets take a look at 10 things long-term couples naturally glide into.

1. Joking and laughing at each other 

2.You don’t really mind kissing them right out of bed, eating from their mouth or kissing them when they have a cold

3. You don’t need to go to fancy dates to have a great time

4. Everyone assumes that you’re always together

5. You’re comfortable walking around without makeup, a wig or fancy clothes

6.You play hard together; some come up with their own games

7. You know what buttons to push to piss them off and do it because it’s fun

8. You do weird stuff together but it doesn’t seem weird

10. You’re no longer embarrassed talking about periods, underwear, using the bathroom

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