Boy calls out Genevieve Nnaji for refusing to pay balance of N98,000 gown she bought; 5 reasons we think otherwise

Boy calls out Genevieve Nnaji for refusing to pay balance of N98,000 gown she bought; 5 reasons we think otherwise

Yvonne Williams

So an Instagram user who goes by the name @officialkingsleyejikeme  has come out with claims that Nollywood diva Genevieve Nnaji came to “their boutique” in Lekki to purchase a gown worth N98, 000 but instead of footing the total bill, she deposited the sum of N80,000 saying she would balance but never came back.  He also claims that all effort he’s made to reach her “privately” has been rebuffed by her manager, hence, his taking to social media to “air his grievance”.

His post:

5 thoughts we just had to air:

“Please pay me my money or I will go public” – First of all, you already went PUBLIC! – Learn the English language.

I have tried to reach her privately through her manager but they keep restraining me”…Really boy? When did bringing someone especially a celeb to disrepute – LIBEL, suddenly become  the only “reasonable” option available? Besides, what happened to other means of reaching out? #CheapPublicity #SaveIt

Since you don’t own the said “high profile boutique”, we’ve got one question though, what happened to hierarchy? Isn’t there supposed to be a boutique manager or some other top persons with a more mature mind to deal professionally with these hitches and a celebrity of Genevieve’s status? why did a young soul decide to be the towncrier and place this huge burden upon himself (even if you picked the said gown and handed it over to her?) Isn’t this supposed to be the headache of the cashier… prestigious boutique and all? #Suspicious

“She came to our boutique in Lekki to buy a gown valued at 98k, she paid 80k, saying she will remit the other 18k, then zoomed off and never came back” – Lord Jesus! For someone of Genevieve’s status who can afford to shop in the choicest places in the world, choosing to shop in a boutique where she’ll most likely come in contact with the likes of you seems rather unlikely to say the least, let alone risk her repute for a meagre sum of 18k. Are you kidding me?

Oh and by the way, for a “model” who obviously loves showing off as evident on your Instagram account, taking selfies in your underwear, the restroom and bedroom (obviously not your home) shouldn’t we wonder why none of your photos include a boutique where you presumably spend a whole lot of your time?

Conclusion = You’re just a desperate attention seeker. Proof = The four points above, plus, after the flimsy accusation you threw, you just weren’t satisfied with your new found “publicity”,  rather, you took to another celeb on Instagram – Toke Makinwa to throw the only blow fibble minds like you think is their best punch – “Go and marry @tokemakinwa”. How dumb can you be? It’s one thing to love publicity, but stooping this low to achieve it? Is inexcusable! Work for it! Get a life dude!!

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