Forever Busy? 5 ways to revive your social life!

Forever Busy? 5 ways to revive your social life!

Yvonne Williams

You’ve barely even hit the bed, yet that gawd forsaken alarm has the effrontery to spill its lungs out, jolting you up; so you jump out of bed, splash some water on that worn out body and off you go! You work round the clock every single day with barely enough time to even breathe, let alone have a social life! Tired of living that life? Follow these 5 tips and you’ll be counting mega cash yet having fun:

Schedule all the time

Always running out of time trying to meet up with seemingly unrealistic deadlines? Schedule. Everyone needs organisation in their lives. Make sure you plan every single detail and stick to it, it will give you the leisure of incorporating some fun time!

Hang out at least once every week

To boost your happiness regardless of how busy you are, you need to at least take a break from work every week; even if its just meeting up for drinks, it doesn’t matter how long – an hour might be what you need to give you that burst of fresh air.

Enjoy your city

Work full time during the day? Try relaxing at night; take a trip to a fun spot: you could do a concert, hit the club…lots of options. In all, meet new people and enjoy the moment. It’s all about being flexible.

Hang out with people who totally get you

Trying to maintain a social life with your busy schedule? Find people who have the same values as you. For the career driven, find others like you, this allows for more flexibility and understanding. Together you guys can map out time to hang out, it’s all about mutual understanding, besides they would totally understand if you have to bail out. Hang out with likeminds.

Know when to take a walk

Hanging out with friends is fun! You relax,  chat away, relieve good times, you know, just have a good time, however, in as much as wanting a social life is healthy, don’t get carried away! Stick to your schedule and know when it’s time to walk away!


Ensure that you’re happy with the choices you make. So what, if you don’t have a social life but you love being busy! If you’re content with that life, then by all means LIVE IT. Have fun being busy. It’s your life and you can do what you damn well please!

Be Happy !!

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