Stop! 10 Things ruining your beauty sleep

Stop! 10 Things ruining your beauty sleep

Yvonne Williams

Having trouble sleeping every night? Do you constantly find yourself tossing and turning in bed, praying for dawn? Better sleep could be yours! Here are ten sleep snatchers ruining a perfect good night sleep:

Eating spicy or heavy meals: Indulging in heavy meals before bed keeps the body alert because it’s too busy digesting your meal. Try avoid eating big meals at least three hours before bed to help your body shut down easily.

Too-Early Bedtime – Extending sleeping time doesn’t help in the least. Too much sleep invites a baggage of problems, preventing your sleep.

Coffee – No surprise there! Caffeine helps keep you up, a big NO!

Tight cloths – Yeah, we get it, you want to look sexy, but wearing restrictive clothing keeps you uncomfortable and awake. Comfort is key.

Exercise –Dedication – cool! But high-impact exercise less than three hours before bed is a no no – It sends energy rush signals to the body.

Red wine before bed – Yes, you probably know red wine’s good for the heart, but the thing is, alcohol interrupts your sleep too.

Sleeping pills – Many of us are guilty of this. Becoming too reliant on sleeping pills has its side effect obviously.

Smoking before bed –Contrary to the belief that cigarette calms the nerves, it contains nicotine which is not just a depressant but a stimulant, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

Splashing cold water – Sure, washing your face with cold water helps close pores — but it also stimulates the body as well, releasing energy and keeping you awake.

Staying glued to your phone – During the day, you’re inseparable from your phone, at night it’s the same – just so you don’t “miss something”. This doesn’t help one bit and is believed to cause serious health problems as this tells our body to stay awake and alert.

Think sleep is overrated? Lack of sleep has been linked with a number of health problems including; mood problems, anxiety and depression. Need any more conviction why a good night sleep is pretty necessary? I didn’t think so. Lol

Happy sleeping!!

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