21 Fun hobbies every Nigerian woman can engage in

21 Fun hobbies every Nigerian woman can engage in

Mfonobong Akpan

Hobbies – Some have them and some don’t, however the fact remains that we all need at least one. You’ll be doing your body and mind a favour by engaging in one or more of your favourite activities on a regular basis. And it doesn’t just have to be partying, gisting, drinking … they are a whole lot of activities women can engage in that are empowering, healthy and of course fun – some could even roll in a few naira. How cool is it to get paid for what you love doing. Check out 21 different hobbies every Nigerian woman can engage in.

Cooking: You can have fun trying out new recipes from around the world in your home, and on the flip side get paid for cooking for others.

Shopping: What woman doesn’t love new clothes and accessories; you could become a personal shopper to someone who would in turn pay you cash. Cool right?

Writing: If you’re good with words and have a knack for penning down stuff

Reading: Have fun while also filling your mind with new knowledge

knitting: This may not be very common with Nigerian women, but it’s a great hobby to engage in. It awakens your creative side and sets your mind at work.

Sports (Volleyball, football, basketball, swimming, etc) A hobby that is not only fun but contributes to your total well being and health

Baking: Another hobby that could become a means to an end, plus you get to make and enjoy all your yummy snacks, hmmmm

Tailoring: Think about not having to be at the mercy of our drama filled tailors because you can make your own clothes… Yeah, and you can go crazy with the designs and look fab!

Hair making: There will always be ready heads to work on, trust me and of course the  extra cash comes in handy too.

Jewellery making: This can be a profitable pass time if you chose it to be. It requires creativity which comes naturally for some people while others have to be trained. It’s perks? You can make your own jewellery and make money off it!

Make up: Do you flinch at the sight of a badly done eye brow? Do you effortlessly give yourself a face beat to die for? Make it a fun hobby, learn  more and get some money while you enjoy being creative.

Event planning: If you always jump at the opportunity to organise and manage every family gathering or get together with friends, this is for you.

Art: This isn’t for everyone; you have to be interested and skillful at it. Don’t go drawing skeletons

Singing: If you find yourself often singing in the shower, while working, singing along to music playing, that might just be your hobby.

Traveling: This may cost money but it’s a rewarding hobby to engage in. You get to visit new places, experience new cultures and meet new people.

Dancing: This is fun and also a form of exercise

Board games: If you love putting your mind to work, try this.

Blogging: Not necessarily gossip, you can create a blog to share your knowledge or ideas on topics you are interested in – fashion, books, lifestyle, animals, food, etc

Photography: Your skill at taking selfie shots shouldn’t go in vain. Get a good camera and put it to good use.

Organising: This is me! If you find yourself always trying to organise stuff, then this might be a good hobby for you. The coolest part, you can get paid doing it.

Puzzle solving: Improves the mind and it’s fun!

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