#ISupportWidowsRights: 7 Degrading Treatments Widows Shouldn’t Be Subjected To

#ISupportWidowsRights: 7 Degrading Treatments Widows Shouldn’t Be Subjected To

Mfonobong Akpan

Nigeria joined the rest of the world yesterday, June 23, to celebrate the annual International Widows’ Day, a day introduced to address poverty and injustice faced by widows and their children in many countries. The plight of widows in Nigeria is pathetic considering the fact that a majority are uneducated nor are they self reliant. One of the biggest challenge confronting widows in Nigeria is how they are treated by their in-laws. Majority don’t have it easy after their husband’s demise – in-laws chase their late husbands’ property and leave them and the children with nothing to fail back on. To end the sad story of widows people need to be better educated. Below are 7 degrading treatments widows shouldn’t be subjected to.

Husbands shouldn’t fail to use their wives or children as their next-of-kin.

Her husband’s property should not be forcefully taken from her and her children.

Don’t abandon her. Support and keep her safe.

Don’t subject her to physical and psychological torture.

She should not be forced to marry her brother-in-law other male relative or heir nominated by his family.

She should not be prevented by custom from remarrying if she so wishes.

She is a human being and has rights that must be respected.

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