Clinger Alert! 5 signs you’re a clingy partner

Clinger Alert! 5 signs you’re a clingy partner

Yvonne Williams

Often times when we really like someone, we feel the constant urge to call, text and be with that person every single second, so then, how do we draw the line between expressing our emotions and outright choking the object of affection, landing in the desperate zone? If you’re guilty of these 5 signs, you just might want to cut these down a few notches:

You text him/ her constantly

Does texting every five seconds without getting a response sound awfully familiar? If it does, then you’re definitely in the clingy zone.

You’re a nervous wreck when you don’t get a response

Does your anxiety level skyrocket each time you don’t get a response to your sms/whatsapp…?  Well truth is, being clingy and insecure work hand in hand.

You follow him/her around

You wear the detective cap and monitor their every movement just because you don’t trust. You insist you want to follow him/ her everywhere in a bid to exercise some “form of control”… P.S – No one can stop another from getting it elsewhere if they want to.

You’re overly dependable 

Just a tap of the fingers and there, you come running. Careful though in most cases, this is used as a tool of manipulation.“

You’re moving too fast

It’s been barely a month, yet you’ve introduced you partner as your fiance/ fiancee, plus, you find yourself always wanting to move in with your new partner and this is a cycle which happened in your previous relationship. Definitely needs major cutting down.

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