10 Headaches Of The Busty Girl!

10 Headaches Of The Busty Girl!

Yvonne Williams

Let’s see; apart from the fact that guys obviously seem to forget that you’ve got a face somewhere up there, the constant spilling out of your clothes and of course, running is considered the ultimate “SIN”, although being a busty girl has its perks (being effortlessly sexy…), there’s no denying, it also comes with a whole lot of headaches as well! Secretly wishing you had bigger boobs just so you might feel/ look sexier, here are 10 problems every busty girl goes through:

Everything you wear looks sexual – Corporate shirt, knee length skirt begging to sweep the floor plus some glasses to add the geek effect, yet everyone at the office just keeps starring at those boobs! Really, how much more covered can a girl be to get some damn respect?

Bikini shopping is a nightmare – String/ strapless bathing suits? Forget about them, but if you don’t mind major under boob spilling plus, saying hello to gravity, then please go ahead. Every busty girl knows halter bathing suit is bae

Landing cute bras  is almost impossible – You know those really lovely bikinis models wickedly flaunt? Turn away – totally not happening, you get unflattering grandma ones with huge straps


Button down shirts is a chore – Getting those buttons to corperate requires a great deal of patience from the lord, and even when they yield. you can’t be too sure -‘Oh No, not again!’

Working out/ bounce – This can be re…ally uncomfortable and embarrassing. It takes more than one sports bra to keep those titties from bouncing.- Not cool.

Everyone asks if you wish you had smaller boobs/ if your back hurts – “Having big boobs is no disability, dammit!” Talk about awkward conversations!

Seat belts are pure torture! Visuals say it all

Constant Boob sweat – In fact, you just might be needing deodorants in there – ‘Not funny.’

Food spillage – How do you NOT get embarrassed when food crumbs decide to fall into your boobs in the full glare of the whole world? “Beats me!”

Grandma boob scare: Beneath all that sexiness is that hidden phobia for getting pregnant because those boobs will most likely add some more juice – ‘Lord Jesus save me!!’

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