13 Sure Signs Your Girl Is High Maintenance!

13 Sure Signs Your Girl Is High Maintenance!

Yvonne Williams

“Date a high maintenance chic and she’ll empty that wallet and leave you flat out broke” – Yeah right! Although most guys whine their lungs out about the many drama(s) of dating a high maintenance chic, we know one thing for sure – every guy wants to be with one! Guys love a challenge and of course when you’ve got a pretty big spender with a rich taste in basically everything, you know she’s certainly one. But guess what?  There’s absolutely nothing wrong in being a high maintenance girl, provided you’ve got what it takes to get the kind of life you want – yes you splurged a lot on yourself and it’s pretty understandable if you expect your man to shoulder that responsibility, after all, it’s all about maintaining the lifestyle you’ve always had.

Wondering if your girl belongs to the high maintenance crew? These 13 sure signs have the answer:

One word that describes bae? FABULOUS. “There’s no denying!”

Miss Flawless – Bae always looks like she’s just stepped out of the salon; Brazilian weave, sky high heels, make up on fleek…– Reputation is key!”

Miss spotlight – One step out of the house and all eyes are on her like magnet – “Bitch better bow down, I’m Queen!”

Nothing like luxury: She loves dining at the finest of restaurants, totally loves splurging on new jewellery/ shops in the most expensive stores – “Life has absolutely no meaning without cash” #AndIAin’tPlaying you can quote me on that too!

She’s one hell of a shopper – “No such word as “Too much” in a girl’s dictionary! Didn’t you learn anything??”

Girls think she’s a bitch but she’s every guy’s fantasy, so you’ve got to constantly up that game to keep her interested – “I mean, I’m fly, can’t help it”

Diva attitude – Your girl never ever arrives early anywhere -“It’s all about the grand entrance!”

She’s constantly commenting on your choice of clothes – “What’s this sorry excuse for a shirt? 

You must ALWAYS look presentable, anything otherwise is totally unforgivable – “Please! Girl’s got a reputation to protect, duh!!”

She pays lot of attention to expensive details; “That’s Louis Vuitton I guarantee you”

If she likes something, she’s got to have it and hates being refused – “Hey, divas never take no for an answer! You should know that!”

She gets embarrassed easily and totally hates been less than composed -“Picture perfect! Picture Perfect! Yeah, that’s it girl, work it!”

She’s got high esteem, thinks she’s better than any other girl and would do everything possible to hold that crown! – “In this very moment I’m king, do I have to spell that to you?” lol…

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