5 Things You Should Be Ready For Before You Say “I do”

5 Things You Should Be Ready For Before You Say “I do”


By Syn Osuchukwu

Just before you tie the knot, here are five things you really should know:

Be ready to spend the rest of your life with him

Are you really willing to spend your life with this person? Are you going be comfortable waking up to your partner day in day out? How do you feel about morning breath, joint bank accounts, change of name and babies?

Expect fights and quarrels from your partner

Don’t see it as a bad omen. Friends fight and be absolutely sure you will fight some more over trivial matters like “what to name the baby” and “which grandmother gets to see the baby first”. Just be sure that you can bounce back after the quarrels!

Get ready to take care of your share of the bill

Are there clear cut plans on who is going to take care of the bills? Is it going to be 50-50 or 70-30 or 100-0? What of wedding expenses and family upkeep? Believe me, you don’t want money squabbles after the wedding.

You really should learn how to tolerate and overlook trivial things

I know some mother in laws can be pains in the b*tt but hey…his family is your family and vice versa, right?

Be ready to share your ideas with another person

People who are ready to tie the knot should be able to share ideas and listen to each other. Marriage is an equal partnership. Be sure you can accommodate your partners’ views and respect their opinions.

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