7 Businesses you can start with NOTHING!

7 Businesses you can start with NOTHING!


By Syn Osuchukwu

Surprised? Don’t be. With the recent economic crises, inflation and mass retrenchment, starting a business is not only the logical option but the best bet to keep afloat until things stabilize (Don’t keep your fingers crossed, though). Here are 7 businesses you can start up with little or nothing:


Despite the increasing number of crèches, baby sitting is still a very big deal. This requires basically no capital. All you need to do is look for a family in need of babysitting services and help out for a fee.

Cleaning services

For those who want to make a quick buck, offering to clean offices or homes several days of the week is a good idea. There are also cleaning agencies you can join to ensure you have constant income.


If you have an eye for detail and a good command of the English language, editing or proofreading is something you should look into. It requires no capital.

Website Design

With the growth of the online market, cashing into the website design market is a wise investment. You need no capital to start except a working knowledge of creating websites and web development.

Laundry business

Are you wondering what this is doing here? Well, starting small is key. Before you buy that washing machine, you could opt for hand washing clothes, this will only last for a while before you expand the business.

Home school teacher

There is a caveat here though. You have to be educated to do this. No need ‘poisoning’ the mind of a child because you want to make some quick bucks. If you fit the bill, tutoring a child or two every week will fetch you enough depending on the location.

Akara business

Also known as bean cake, a lot of people patronise akara sellers. All you need is get a few cups of beans, groundnut oil and a pot. You can gather firewood from abandoned building or buildings under construction or get a bag of charcoal for just #100. As the business yields profit, you can expand.

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