Kiss Your Secret Crush Senseless With These 7 Steps; It’s International kissing Day Everyone!

Yvonne Williams

Bring out those tinted lips balms with the perfect dash of shine and pucker girls – its international kissing day! Yay!! Forget the shameless commercialization of kissing everywhere, when done right and with a certain special someone, Kissing is sweet, intimate and fun, plus, it’s good for your health too! Yep, you got that right! Lol. So yeah, just in case your partners ALWAYS wind up dumping you each time those lips do the unforgivable, here are 7 tongue tying steps to make your crush want more: *wink* (and you have international Day of Kissing to thank). Kissing is art!

Killer breath

Please! For the love of God and every bae you hold dear, never ever take garlic before locking those lips with them. Keep that breath fresh; minty or sweet is the way to go.

Juicy kissable lips

Dry lips is a no no; ensure those lips are soft and kissable and she’ll be glued to you forever – no one gets turned on by chapped lips – no one!

No saliva drenching please

Kissing is supposed to be romantic and hot and although your saliva comes into the equation, trust me, no one wants to be drinking it. Don’t just shove that tongue into your partner, be sexy; tease…open those lips ever so slowly and kiss gently, then you can build up to the wild side together.

No tongue grabbing

Yeah, you’ve been inspired by countless mills and boons… hold on! Don’t just get right to the tongue, if you do choking might be the result and we both know how that will turn out don’t we? So take it slow.


Delay is gratification! Don’t just give it all out at once; plant little kisses real slowly here and there; on his mouth , check, top lip, bottom lip, look your partner over, then proceed to the real deal – It’ll be worth it I tell you .


Don’t aim to impress – but don’t be uptight too. Just be you, relax, follow your feelings and let it guide you. Remember, there’s no perfect kiss. #JustSaying

Cheers to happy kisses! MWAH!!

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