Who uses Pubic Hair to make a Dress?

Who uses Pubic Hair to make a Dress?


By Syn Osuchukwu

You read right! SOMEONE USED PUBIC HAIR TO MAKE A DRESS! (I had to shout that for emphasis) Err… do I need to explain where pubic hair is gotten from? First of all, why is your pubic hair long enough to be mistaken for Brazilian hair, dreadlocks or kinky weave? What happened to shaving stick?

Daring mother of two, Sarah Louise decided to demand (*shudders*) body hair (especially from down there) from men and women all over the world in other to make a hair dress.
This is not the first daring stunt from Sarah. She became famous for making a dress out of 3,000 skittles and has set another trend by sewing a dress with pubic hair. (Did I say pubic hair from total strangers with several health statuses?) Ew!

On her twitter account, she shared that she spent six months working on the ‘dress’ and was fully equipped with gloves and a face mask.
Artistic but I think, we should pass on this one…

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