6 Foods With Natural Healing Properties!

6 Foods With Natural Healing Properties!


By Syn Osuchukwu

Ever wondered the functions of some of these natural foods? Check out some of the healing properties of these 6 foods!


Regular consumption of olives and olive oil contribute to heart, brain, skin and joint health. They have even been linked to cancer and diabetes prevention. Ensure that the olive oil is 100% natural before purchase.


Found in select stores in Nigeria, research has shown that pomegranates contain strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-obesity and anti-tumor properties. Many beneficial effects are related to the presence of ellagic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and flavones, which seem to be its most therapeutically beneficial components. Pomegranates are also treatment options for chronic diseases such as cancer, insulin resistance, intestinal inflammation and obesity.


Regularly intake of red wines with grapes will lower your risk of developing heart disease. Nonetheless, because of the inherent dangers in consuming too much alcohol, fresh grapes should be chosen over bottled grapes or red wines.


Coriander is the seed of the powerful anti-oxidant and natural cleansing agent cilantro. It is referred to as the “anti-diabetic” because of its uncanny ability to regulate blood sugar. It is also used for chronic disease reversal. Parsley has been shown to normalize blood pressure, help prevent cancer and offer joint pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is a rich source of several crucial vitamins including Vitamin A, B12, C and K.

Of all the food groups, vegetables are arguably the most nutrient-dense and safest to eat. There’s relatively no risk in consuming too many of them.
Veggies like broccoli, cabbage, collards, kale, radish can help prevent cancer because they are rich in glucosinolates. Known to break down during chewing and digestion, the enzymes contained in veggies can slow down and even reverse cancer cells growth.


It’s no wonder raw honey is referred to as “liquid gold.” The medicinal applications to the skin and internal body seem limitless. First of all, raw honey is loaded with key vitamins (B1 – B6 and C) and it contains several minerals (calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc).

In addition to being a fantastic replacement to energy drinks for athletes and people needing a little boost, raw honey also contains a full spectrum of anti-oxidants. Honey also helps prevent seasonal allergies.

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