5 Exercises Perfect For Older Folks

5 Exercises Perfect For Older Folks

Yvonne Williams

By  Syn Osuchukwu

Old age comes with a lot of sicknesses and discomfort for those are not used to exercise. For those who want to remain fabulous in old age, here are five exercises you can do to remain fit:


Squats help build strength especially around the muscles. The essence of strengthening the muscles is to increase metabolism and aid movement. It also helps to keep the weight and blood sugar in check.


For easy circulation of blood and painless movement, doing pull ups is a good form of exercise to prevent cramped muscles and stiff joints.

Balance exercises

Balance exercises help to build the muscles around the legs and arms. This also prevents frequent complains about broken or dislocated hips and fractures.


Stretches give aging adults freedom of movement. It also helps the older generation remain active irrespective of their years.

Endurance hikes

Endurance hikes include mountain climbs, walking, jogging along slopes, biking or long walks. What endurance hikes do is increase the flow of blood, regulate breathing and build stamina.

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